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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

Welcome! If you are new to therapy, you may have some questions like...

Why would I talk to someone about my problems?
Humans are social creatures. Not-talking means we close our connection to others and impede our ability to make meaning from our experiences. Turning our thoughts and feelings into words and our experiences into stories helps us create meaning from a chaotic world and increases our ability to create the changes we want in our lives.

How can therapy help me?
We tend to function well when we are able to leverage our social connections as shock absorbers for the ups and downs that life hands us. Therapy can help us to maintain perspective, choose our battles wisely, and stay mindful and present when multiple demands are competing for our attention.

I feel stuck / I know I shouldn't, but I keep [fill-in-the-blank]
What we call reality is colored by unconscious assumptions we've made around the events in our life. The part of our brain that generally seizes control of our actions when we're worried or afraid--the amygdala--has the power to overrule decisions that might be more sensible or make us happier in the long term if it decides that an older pattern would be safer for our survival. So especially when we are stressed out, we tend to repeat old coping patterns (even if they're not-so-helpful) because they've already proven themselves effective in helping us survive.

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Shift your perspective. Shift your life.

Shift your perspective. Shift your life.