There are many ways to meditate. Throw out any preconceived ideas about what meditation is or should be and experiment. Perhaps start with whatever calls out to you: if it seems overly difficult to sit in silence, perhaps try some led meditations; if your body aches for movement, perhaps a walking meditation of some sort; you could just as easily do dish-washing or clothes-washing meditation by simply focusing on the task at hand. Start to notice what is helpful and do more of that and replace the parts that clearly don't work with something else.

Ultimately, the only beneficial meditation practice is the one you do.

Here are some ways to phone apps, books, and websites (with guided meditations) to get you started:

Do your practice and all is coming.
— K. Pattabhi Jois

Tara Brach (click to visit website)
a teacher of Buddhist meditation and emotional healing

Kristin Neff (click to visit website)
a researcher and teacher of self-compassion