I feel stuck / I know I shouldn't, but I keep doing [fill-in-the-blank]

Our brains create our experience/perception of reality outside of our conscious awareness. The problem is that our minds can't distinguish between the helpful assumptions and those that are not-so helpful. The unfortunate truth is that in our brains thinking that helps us survive can override thinking that makes sense, which can keep us clinging tightly to our less-than-helpful behavior patterns.

How do I get the most out of my therapy?

  • Find the right therapist
    Abundant research shows that the most important factor for a successful outcome in therapy is the relationship between you and your therapist.
  • Be Honest
    Keeping secrets from your therapist prolongs and unnecessarily complicates the therapy process. Opening those thoughts and feelings for discussion with your therapist could lead to a breakthrough.
  • Show up. Consistently.
    Now that you've made a commitment towards therapy, show up as fully as you can. When therapy feels challenging, it can be easy to check out mentally, show up late, or find excuses to skip sessions. A better approach is to open a discussion with your therapist about these feelings.